If you use GMail

04.28.2012 0 comments

If you use GMail (and most of us do), you might find this article from Mashable very helpful…it is titled 11 Tips for Getting the Most Ot of Gmail’s New Interface. The Google Docs gadget, right side chat, as well as the Undo Send features are some that I strongly recommend.

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Photo + Free WordPress Theme

04.27.2012 0 comments

A few days ago I mentioned being able to download Thurderbird for free to use as your email client on your Mac.  Staying on the free theme I came across a blog post from Mashable which highlights free WordPress themes which focus on showing off your photos. I am planning to look into a few [...]

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Chrome Plus Music

04.26.2012 0 comments

If you like listening to music on your computer throughout the day, you may like this. I found this today on cNet.  In this blog post you are able to download a chrome extension to play, pause or fast forward songs from a bunch of different providers without switching your different tabs.  I use Pandora, [...]

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04.25.2012 0 comments

A couple months ago I bought a new computer for my own personal use.  No surprise I bought an Apple.  I love the Macbook Air I purchased.  While I have used Macs before this is the first one which I have used on a day-to-day basis.  I highly recommend it if you are looking to [...]

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Find of the day

04.09.2012 0 comments

I was very excited when I saw this product today from Avatron.  Being I travel a fair amount with both my laptop and my iPad I was thinking it would be nice to use the iPad as a second monitor for my laptop.  I normally work with a second monitor while I am at work. [...]

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Broken Link Checker

02.15.2012 0 comments

Today I became aware of a WordPress plugin for checking broken links on your website.  I don’t have that many posts, so I didn’t think it was necessary to check for this. When I installed it, I was amazed to know I had over 15 links which were broken.  Most of the broken links were from the [...]

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Book Review: Steve Jobs

02.14.2012 0 comments

If you like Apple products, are interested in Steve Job or are wondering why he always wore the black turtlenecks, you will enjoy this book. Even though this is a very long book, I enjoyed it. There were some things in the book which I wasn’t as interested in regarding some of the things about his family. [...]

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What Is Expected

02.09.2012 0 comments

Maybe I am spoiled.  Or maybe over the years  being I have purchased things over the internet from companies like Apple, Amazon, 1-800-Contacts, 1-800-Flowers and dozens of others…they have spoiled me.  I say this because when I order something, normally I get a response within about 10 minutes delivered to my email inbox with a [...]

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