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May 5, 2012

Recently I decided to start my own non-profit company.  I will write about that more in detail at another time.  For the moment I thought I would share some of the companies and websites which have helped me throughout the process.  Maybe these will help you if you are thinking of starting your own business (or if you already have one).

  • LegalZoom – Legal paperwork to start your business
  • 1and1 – Web registration and web hosting
  • Tumblr – quick and easy way to get your website going with little customizations
  • WordPress – In my opinion a better option if you would like to customize your website with various themes, plugins and widgets
  • DIYThemes – this is who I purchased the Thesis premium Wordpress theme from for my website
  • Square – if you would like to collect mobile payments via credit/debit cards
  • Paypal – if you would like to collect payments or donations from your website
  • Moo – there are many places to get business cards, but Moo was recommended to me and I have enjoyed the various products they offer


photo credit: Vicky! <3

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