A Couple Tech Tips: GetSocial Plugin and 1Password

May 14, 2012


Seems like everyone these days is talking about social media. Pintrest is exploding, Facebook is about to go public this week, and so many people are looking to share their contact easily.  If you run WordPress for your blog or website GetSocial might be the exact plugin you are looking to install.  Very easy to install and setup.  It also has many of the popular social sites already installed so you just select which ones you want, what order you want the buttons to appear, as well as if you want the count of people sharing your content too.

Also, cNet today had a post about passord security.  I have been using 1Password for the last few months.  It works very well at creating new passwords for each website (and it seems every website has a password).  Easy to install, easy to use.    There is also an iPhone/iPad/Android version if needed.  Only down side is it is fairly expensive, but worth the investment.

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